The Ridgeway C.E. Primary School

Our Shared Christian Vision

‘Building for life’

At the Ridgeway we aspire to build wisely for life through the strong foundations of care, respect and perseverance in order to develop love, confidence and enthusiasm for life so that every individual can flourish in our joyful, vibrant and welcoming community.  

This is based on the parable ‘The Wise and Foolish Builder’ (Matthew 7:24-27).




Our Vision of Building for Life was inspired by Matthew 7:24-27, The wise and Foolish Builder, and reflects the significance of developing strong foundations on which to build one's future. Our vision grew out of our established school values (the core values being caring, respect and perseverance) which underpinned the culture of our school. We were aware that Building for Life would allow us to always look forward and outwardly in a positive, sustaining and passionate manner both for our children and the school community as a whole. Since its inception, our pathway towards Building for Life has been exciting and productive with everyone working tirelessly to ensure it permeates and enriches our every day school life.